Winter on Antelope Island

Winter on Antelope Island


Editor’s Note: Wendy penned this reflection in early January, a time in stark contrast to our recent warmer temperatures, hazy air, and lack of snow.

Scott Baxter.1.1.14.Used with permission
Kayaking Great Salt Lake, Winter. Copyright Scott Baxter, used with permission.

The temperature on my weather map shows 15º F right now. This morning when I dragged myself into my office on Antelope Island, it read 5º. Sagebrush and rabbit brush contrast nicely with the 3 – 4 inches of snow on the ground. The view across the lake to the west mountain ranges is clear thanks to the stiff, cold wind that has been pushing the muck out of the air.


I wish it was always this clear.

Open Water in Winter.
Open Water in Winter

Winter on Antelope Island is a magical time. It’s cold, to be sure. But it’s quiet. The crowds prefer the ski areas. And it’s beautiful. Contrasting colors of vegetation and rugged rocks against white snow is inspiring, picturesque.


It’s rare to drive through the park and not see jackrabbits and coyotes taking advantage of the plowed and packed roadways. Or jogging along the frozen beach.

photo 3

There is so much beauty here at any time of year, but something about winter just brings out the best of what’s here.

Winter.1.13 (6)
Winter 2013.(1)
Winter 2013.




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