Hitting a Stride

Hitting a Stride


I’m not sure if I can point to the moment everything felt different, but it does somehow. I feel as if we are in a new place, my little family and I.  A place where being a family doesn’t feel so strangely new. Where I feel a quiet confidence in who we are and where we’re going…and how far we’ve come.

Perhaps it was the night Thomas slept 10 hours straight, in his own room.

Perhaps it was the moment I breastfed him during a show at Universal Studios.

Maybe it was that moment I buttoned my pre-pregnancy jeans and they fit comfortably.

Maybe it was when I started working on putting away Christmas decorations while he played, contentedly, on the floor next to me…and I actually finished putting them all away in one day.

I know it is everytime we sit down to eat and he tugs on my sleeve for a taste of what’s on my plate…and he loves almost everything he tastes.

I think it could have been the moment I relaxed a bit and worried less about some schedule he should be operating on.

Whatever moment it was, this moment now feels amazing. I’m sitting outside in the sun in mid-January, my son playing with an empty jar and crawling around the deck (well, sort of crawling). I feel as if I have hit a Stride in this whole Mom thing. I say “a” Stride because I know better than to think there’s not another corner or curveball coming up. He hasn’t started teething yet, and there’s that increasing mobility and upcoming ability to state his already strong opinions.

Maybe by writing this I’m taunting the universe. I’m not saying it will always be as perfect as it is today. Simply that I’ve learned so much, and it feels good to be where we are.

To this moment I say…slow down. Stay awhile. And thank you for blessing me with your presence.


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