My name is Heidi Nedreberg, and I am the editor and curator of Seasons of Salt.

Seasons of Salt’s original format was inspired by years of living next to and exploring the shores of Great Salt Lake – and by reflections on how the place where we live influences our day-to-day health, happiness, and wholeness.  In this blog, we will explore not just the Lake as a critical ecosystem and a beautiful, stark place to visit, but also the culture along its shores, including the art, music, food, and festivals of its people.

Seasons of Salt was built on the foundation of its older sister, Summer of Salt: a blog I co-founded with Nicole Anderson, and built over three summers with the help of some amazing writers, explorers, and passionate men and women, including Wendy Wilson, Charles Uibel, Cindy Lund, Alex Porpora, Margie Nash, Kirstin Mosbruger, and numerous other guest writers and contributors.

In 2017, Seasons of Salt was repurposed to become a spot for wholly unqualified philosophizing on life, parenthood, marriage, and pretty much anything that comes to my mind. A big change, but the title still captures what it’s all about.

However, I wanted to preserve the original history, so you can read any of the posts from the original “Summer of Salt” or “Seasons of Salt” archives.  Just click on the “History” menu and navigate from there!


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